It is with a mixture of pleasure and regret that Ian, Henry and Biggles announce the closure of the B&B at Number 77 Great Pulteney Street in Bath. After 10 years of pleasurable business we have decided to retire.

We would like to say thank you firstly to the staff Alastair Sawdays who have provided us with excellent service and advertising, and we can only apologise to Alastair for being too busy to put him up, but he only has his own excellent service to blame.

And then we would like to thank all our guests, who have provided us with not just a living but friendship and entertainment. We are now only one step away from the Oslo Opera House, burlesque dancing, Chinese embroidery, Olivier Messiaen, New Zealand forestry, cross channel swimming, jazz, Japan, Margaret Court, Banking, Parliament, physiotherapy, surgery, India, and a host of other disciplines that we have learnt so much about from our guests.

Biggles Blog remains here for entertainment

Cool, calm, central : the perfect location in Bath